Friday, November 7, 2014

Home Portrait Anniversary Gift

     Our anniversary was earlier this week and I was so excited about what I had made for Justin this year. Chelsea from one of my favorite blogs, Two Twenty One, posted a giveaway on her blog a few weeks ago and it gave me the perfect idea for an anniversary gift. A portrait of our first home together. I was obsessed with the house portrait Chelsea had done so I reached out to the shop owner to have one made, but she was booked up for months. I found another shop on Etsy and decided to reach out to that owner. Here is a photo of our home and here is the fun little portrait Jen from Busy Bee Prints made for us.

     If I'm being completely honest, I was a little nervous about seeing the final result. This was an Etsy shop who was trying to build up its name and I was one of her first customers. I am so glad I took the risk (if you would even call it that) because I am so happy with the final result. If you look closely you can even see Hudson on the front porch! So sweet. This was our first home together, but this house is really Justin's baby. He bought it all on his own and he is so proud of it. This house means a lot to us both, but it's extra special to Justin. Seeing his face light up when he opened his gift was so so sweet.

     I think this is a great idea for almost any occasion and the sweet shop owner is offering a discount to anyone who mentions that I sent them her way! I hope you guys will check her out! What do you think? Doesn't it look just like our house? I can't wait to frame it!

Use this link to find Jen on Etsy! (Click Me!)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh The Place's You'll Go Baby Shower

    My older sister is having a baby in December and as soon as I found out I volunteered to throw her a shower. I love parties and babies, put the two together and what's not to love? Her "adopted momma" helped me get everything together and we had fun working together. When she found out she was having a girl I was SOOOO excited because I knew how cute this shower could really be. No offense boys, but you just aren't nearly as much fun! :p My sister's theme for baby's nursery is Dr. Suess so I wanted to try to put a girly, pastel twist on the theme and went with an "Oh the Place's You'll Go" approach. My amazing friend Kim helped me come up with my ideas and was even kind enough to send an entire package of adorable things for the shower. Is she a great friend or what? (Will list sources below!) I hope you guys think the shower turned out as cute as I do! It was such a blast to put together, I'm a little sad it's over. Ok enough blabbing, here's what you came for anyway;)

 Congratulations Felicia! You make an adorable little momma!

Invitation: Partyville Printables on Etsy

It's a Girl Banner: Kim from Newlywoodwards

Tissue tassel banner: DIY with help from this tutorial

Prints for Onsies: Kim from Newlywoodwards

Cups for veggies: Shop Sweet Lulu

Cake: Kroger (I just added a simple bouquet of food safe flowers to the top)

Gold Lettering for globe: Kim from Newlywoodwards

Hot Air Balloon centerpieces: DIY from this tutorial (HINT-to get a better net just use more strings and make the diamonds MUCH smaller. I just used her tutorial to get me started)

Personalized Hot Air Balloon Thank You tags: Kim from Newlywoodwards

Chalkboard Easels: Walmart 

Jars full of baby blocks: Target

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Justin Turns 30!

    I met Justin when he was 25 and we became great friends right away. By his 26th birthday I had this kind of, sort of, might be love feeling about him, but I wasn't positive. On his 27th birthday I knew he would be stuck with me forever and I mentally started planning his surprise 30th birthday party. (Have I mentioned that birthdays are a big deal to me?) This is a conversation Justin and I shared the other day- 
Me: What's your favorite holiday?
Justin: Your birthday.
Me: That's not a holiday.
Justin: Oh yes it is. We all know birthdays are holidays in this house.

I laughed out loud when he said that. I have always been the kind of person who thinks birthdays should all be special. I don't expect anyone to buy me the moon or anything, but it is the day we were brought into this world and I feel like thats worth celebrating. I have tried making all of Justin's birthdays like that for him. I know one day we will have a family and things will get crazy and we won't be able to fly to Vegas, but I will never stop being crazy about birthdays. 

   So like I said, I had this surprise birthday planned for quite a long time. I did not expect to be living in Boston though, so that was a little tricky. Once I got all the details worked out I was excited to really go to town on the party. I struggled with a theme for a little while because I didn't want it to be cheesy. Justin is a work on your car, come home from work covered in grease and sweat, yell when the Red Sox win a game kind of guy, but at the same time the dude can shop until he drops and sometimes decorates better than me.  I racked my brain and then finally found the perfect idea on Pinterest. 80's night! I started pinning things like crazy to my secret Pinterest board and knew this party was going to be a blast. I wanted it to be an 80s party without being super cheesy. I'm so excited with how it turned out and couldn't wait to share the amazing photos on my blog! ( A huge thank you to Ashley McCormick from Ashley McCormick Photography for taking these amazing photos for us) At the very end of this post I will name all sources from the party and please feel free to ask questions if I leave anything out! 

    How fun is this? What do you guys think? Would you throw a rockin 80's party? I totally felt like I spent a night in 1984. Isn't the birthday boy like-totally awesome?

Food: Justin's parents made an amazing BBQ for all of our guests. (Justin's favorite meal!) We had BBQ pork loin, baked beans, coleslaw, corn bread and lots of sweet tea of course!

Activities: I handed out 80's DVDs for prizes for best dressed. A Photo Booth was set up for the guests to go and strike their best prom pose. The guests signed a book telling Justin what their favorite memory was with him. Justin went to town on his 30 piñata and there was lots and lots of delicious cake. I was hoping to play Pin the Glove on Michael Jackson, but we ran out of time! I sent everyone home with a Rubiks cube and a bag full of 80's candy as favors. 

Old movies, records for plate mats, tapes and cassette player:Savers Thrift Superstore
Rubiks Cubes for party favors:
30 balloon and piñata: Party City
80's candy: Walmart and Walgreens
Photo backdrop: DIY 

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